Top 5 things to remember when changing a baby boy’s diaper.

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks to remember when changing a baby boy’s diaper:

1. Place a Kleenex over his penis – this will take care of absorbing any pee that might shoot out in an effort to buy yourself time to get something to really clean up the mess. This tip will save you or your son a potential shot in the eye or across the room.

2. Slide a new diaper underneath your baby’s butt before you remove the first diaper. This will do a few things such as save the surface below in case of a blow out and give you something quick to place over his privates.

3. Dry all of your baby’s creases around his privates so the entire area covered by the diaper is dry. There is nothing worse than removing the fussy baby’s diaper to find he’s got diaper rash all over as a result of your fault.

4. Speedy Gonzales should be your middle name when changing your baby’s diaper. Change your baby’s diaper as quick as possible to minimize his squirming and the chance that he will slow you down immensely with his curiosity and movement everywhere.

5. While you’re carefully flying through the diaper change, remember to give your son something to distract him. I often give him a small tube of baby-toothpaste so he has something to hold and focus his attention. The distraction makes changing his diaper so much easier and smoother because you don’t need to keep a hawk eye on him.

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