New Baby Bottles: safer and smarter design

I can’t believe just how something as simple as a baby bottle has changed with the times.  We have both regular and Dr. Brown’s bottles and there is no comparison.  The biggest difference is the breather stem that sits down in the middle of the bottle.  It allows our son to drink from the bottle without having air flow back in the bottle.  He drinks his entire bottle and doesn’t need to take the nipple out of his mouth.  We found the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles to be totally worth a few more dollars.  They have a few extra pieces we wash when washing the bottles, but the benefit of our son not getting air when he drinks the bottle makes it all worth while.  These baby bottles are great and we recommend them to all our friends.

Not only does the air flow help a lot with keeping gas down but now, they have Polypropylene Bottles too. That definitely makes us feel much better since we plan on using these bottles for a long time.

How can someone so small take up so much of your time?

It’s amazing.  He’s amazing.  For the first two weeks after we brought him home I felt as though I had been hit by a bus.  Every minute was spent taking care of him or helping my wife recover.  If I had a minute to rest, I usually fell asleep.  So here we were, tired as can be and all of this from someone 7lbs 6oz and 20″ long.  And on top of that he hardly even moves and sleeps a lot.  But he does require a lifestyle change on our part.  First, we’ve lost any type of sleep schedule we had.  He’ll be up until 11:30, then up again at 1:30 and 4:30.  Sometimes he’ll be up for an hour with us trying to rock him to sleep.   …and I thought I didn’t get much sleep before that…